Solutions and Offerings

Solutions and Offerings

Our solutions comprise of a combination of consulting services, hardware and software offerings, enterprise deployments, maintenance and support. Some of our web services, like VirtOrg Search Engine may be accessible through this portal.

Industry Segments

Serving all Industry Segments

IT-Enabled Education Solutions
Definition of Knowledge means different to different people, and can be somewhat complex to be explained. Information is created at a very fast rate and our effort is to make a positive impact by applying our expertise and knowledge. We keep a record of factual details to empower our associates achieve their goals on time.

Research Center
While keeping abreast with the fast changing technological environment, our effort is to move one step ahead by innovating upon prevailing technologies. The ultimate goal of our research center is to see the world greener every day. We are in a process to establish a framework that bridges the gap between generations, and constantly sailing to find out possibilities of the next-generations' era.

Technology development is consistently  worked upon at VitrOrg. We have experience in datacenter solutions in all continents, and look forward to hearing from you.


VirtOrg abides by several industry standards as:

  •  - POSIX (Portable OS Interface Exchange)
  •  - LSB (Linux Standard Base)
  •  - IEEE
  •  - ISO
  • We also follow standard industry governance bodies as:
  •  - The Open Group
  •  - The Linux Foundation
  •  - IEEE
  •  - ISO

We have certified professionals having expertise in Enterprise Hardware, Operating Systems, Storage Systems, Networking and Security, Cloud computing, and Enterprise Architecture.

Industry Expertise

Our technical expertise for you datacenter solutions include industry hardware and software manufacturers as :
  •  - HP
  •  - IBM
  •  - Cisco
  •  - Oracle
  •  - RedHat
  •  - Hitachi Data Systems
  •  - Microsoft
  •  - VMware
  •  - Google

Above is a limited list of industry players whom we recognize and obtain products from. Open source is one of our core strengths, though which your solution can be made cost effective, and without any single vendor lock-in.