Datacenter and Information Technologies


Data centers across the globe have certain things in common. They all have compute servers, storage, networks, backup devices, and devices tailored for specific industries, for example telecommunications, etc. We cater to all industry segments, having expertise across different layers of enterprise solutions architecture. We look forward to customers who wish to seek our advice on solutions in the enterprise, with defined scope and scale of requirements.

Challenges in Data center management
While most of the hardware and software service in our data centers run continuously 24x7, the challenge arises during change management, when system upgrades are required, or new versions of operating system and application software are needed. Further, we often see broken services due to hardware or software issues, or due to human error.

Our expertise in the datacenter domain has been widespread, encompassing all industry hardware and software vendors. We are skilled to provide you with most efficient and cost-effective solutions without any compromise on quality.

Solutions and Offerings

Businessman's desktop

Our solutions comprise of a combination of consulting services, hardware and software offerings, enterprise deployments, maintenance and support. Some of our web services, like VirtOrg Search Engine may be accessible through this portal.

Resource development
We believe that creating anything valuable is worth a good deed done. Creativity should be healthy and useful, and be futuristic to last long enough. Resources are developed here to steer VirtOrg in becoming a globally recognized organization working for a better tomorrow.
Datacenter end-to-end solutions comprising procurement of infrastructure, integration and enterprise solutions.

Customized solutions
Some of the customized solutions are as follows:

- HP-UX based solutions
- Big Data consulting
- HADOOP implementation
- BI with MySQL cluster
- Oracle 12c implementation

Specialists in High Availability Clustering Technolohgies
We have expertise in several clustering technologies, especially in active-active clusters, where your resources are fully utilized. We also undertake analysis of your data center to estimate resource utilization. If there are servers running idle, we will provide
necessary steps to ovecome this wastage. We can help you migrate workloads and make your infrastructure more efficient.  If you require new HA solutions or need changes on existing solutions, we provide these with utmost professionalism. We would assess your setp discuss the change intended. Clustering solutions are available on all UNIX platforms, like HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, and Linux.

Above is a limited list of industry players recognize and obtain products from. Open source is one of our core strengths, though which your solution can be made cost effective, and without any single vendor lock-in.

Technology development is consistently worked upon at VitrOrg. We have experience in datacenter solutions in all continents, and look forward to hearing from you.

We have certified professionals having expertise in Enterprise Hardware, Operating Systems, Storage Systems, Networking and Security, Cloud computing, and Enterprise Architecture.