Mission and Vision

To empower associates with efficient and cost effective IT solutions, and be among the finest systems integrator for global markets.


VirtOrg Consulting is a young and dynamic organization with a belief in making a pleasant and positive effect globally. We provide consultation to organizations in simplifying technology integration with business processes. Our market research does a constant check on industry trends globally, thus being capable of empowering clients with business intelligence solutions. VirtOrg has evolved through constant upgrading of Intellectual Property and has a strong framework for providing quality products and services on technologies that drive enterprises and the IT Industry.

Past and Present

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Initially setup as "Tech-TheRightWay Foundation" in 2003 as a non-profit entity, VirtOrg got restructured in 2010, short for Virtual Organization. VirtOrg aims to gain Industry strength in becoming one of the finest Systems Integrator in the global marketplace. Data center consulting  is one of our core strengths, where we offer solution designs across all industry verticals. Our experience in datacenter services ensures cost-effectiveness and quality to the client. We also undertake green energy deployments to ensure that your appliances are powered with clean energy like solar power.

At VirtOrg, research & analysis are a consistent process to improvise upon our products and services. We develop and innovate upon information technologies, and produce valuable output to empower associates with enhanced solution delivery.

Online eBooks & Knowledge base

VirtOrg e-Library is a product and service offered through this portal, being one of the few places on the internet for accessing eBooks on all academic disciplines.

Our knowledge base is vast and kept updated to ensure quality of service. Though it takes extreme hard work to be consistently ahead of others, we are on the way to Think Different, Big, Ahead, Fast and Out of the box.

Web Presence

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Our current offerings are presented over the internet, and an extended intranet forming the extranet. Our cloud portal for associates adds value to your existing knowledge base with up-to-date content like cloud technologies, Big Data and much more. Your valuable feedback and suggestions are welcome, so that you can make a difference to improve our services.

e-Mail addresses to contact

Please feel free to contact us at any of the following.

General queries : info@virtorg.net
For sales : sales@virtorg.net
For careers : careers@virtorg.net
For support : support@virtorg.net